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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 9, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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i just want you to know you're the most amazing man i've ever met. >> a teen gives dad his favorite things in a touching viral. >> but a lot of people didn't know the story behind it. >> hear about the long journey that had him in tears. it's a valuable lesson for drivers. why this time we really mean hold your horses. two brave guys try to set a record for -- >> the deepest underice guy. >> the murky task to chill you to the bone. and a skier that should learn how to snowplow.
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and posing on slippery rocks can be risky. see the moment her glamour shot goes sour. >> i fee bad for her. this has happened to me and it hurts. it hurts. in spanish we have a saying that says, father isn't the one who makes the child but the one who proves the child. that's ryan and he's receiving a gift from misty. misty has been in his life since she was 5 years old. >> i just want you to know that you're the most amazing man i've ever met. >> he reads what she's written on the box. >> and i cannot imagine not having you in my life. i'm so grateful to call you dad. >> this video has gotten a million views but a lot of
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people don't know the story mind it. it turns out ryan dated and married misty's mom. misty told us her biological father was not in the picture but refused to sign papers allowing ryan to adopt her. but watch this. after reading the entire note, he opens the gift -- >> no! >> and out comes a superman versus batman onesie, which is super cool, he loved it. >> i'm wearing it. >> but the surprise is bigger than that. what is next in the box? >> are you serious? >> he is floored. he gets up after realizing what it is and just turns around and gives her a big old hug. it's a petition for adoption. basically because she is now an
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adult, she can then move forward with making ryan her adopted father. and she'll also be able to take his last name. >> oh, wow. >> that's a huge, huge gesture. >> i have been wanting to do this forever. this video reminds me of three life lessons i learned from my parents as a child. the first, hold your horses. heading down the street -- not quite. >> we have a runaway horse and cart there? >> yes, we do. darting across the street. >> oh! >> full horse back on those reigns. that looks like a big draft horse, too. >> i don't think he was trying to beat the light because that was long red by the time he went galloping through. >> the horse is probably like, i can make it. >> luckily, they did make it safe and sound.
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onto another intersection, the life lesson here is not how you fall but how you get up. >> oh! >> wow! >> this child rolls down to the street, a car comes, he gets up and says, i'm okay. >> he realizes he was crossing against the light. saw the car coming and said, oops, my bad. i shouldn't be out here. >> i like that recovery. >> you are always cool when it is your fault. >> i'm just going back where i came from and start over today. last but not least, my daddy used to say don't throw the rock and hide your head. this kid throws the rock, hits the window and then the car alarm goes off. what he doesn't know is that this dash cam is rolling. you're busted, buddy. the kid is strolling along like nothing. i'm just going to bust this window and keep it moving. >> he busted the window down at the bottom there. bang. >> wow. >> was he really targeting the
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car or trying to hit the tree and he missed? >> christian, that wasn't any oops. this is how a viral sensation is born. this one happened at the monterey bay aquarium. this is a wild sea otter that swam up to the tide pool because she's giving birth. >> wow. >> we have a new baby otter coming. >> look at that, as she's pushing the baby forth, you see her little claws pulling the baby out. she's helping herself. you can see it in the sac. the sac breaks open. momma has an audience but that doesn't stop her. >> oh, my goodness. this is so cool. i can't believe they caught it on video. >> it really is cool. after momma pulls the baby out, she immediately starts grooming it. that's innate. she knows to do this. it helps to get the organs
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moving and operating the way they're supposed to. once momma has the baby cleaned up, it keeps them buoyant so they don't sink to the bottom. >> momma is a champ. >> look at her, she was like, did you get the picture? people are loving her on instagram. look at that, that's her and the baby. >> that is cute. thousands of likes already. >> they just had her yesterday so she's already moved on. i imagine getting a world world. that would be sexy, right? to have a world record? this video from the white sea in russia looks just bone chillingly cold. you're watching a world record happening right before your eyes. a couple of divers entering
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29.3-degree water. what's the record here? the deepest under ice dive. that's what they're going for. look at all the air they're taking with them. the entire round trip down 334.6 feet and back up. 80 minutes. >> they have to do it so slowly. they have to adjust to pressure as they are going down. so they have to stop and stabilize every so often. so they can't just go down and come right up. >> coming from our resident diver here. she's got some knowledge on this subject and is right. it's dark because of all the ice cover overhead. there's nothing beautiful that i can see. it's just a scary, cold, dark, desolate place. >> keep in mind, the further down they go the colder it gets. >> darn. >> as they pop back up they're like, yeah. >> i did it.
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>> there are easier ways to set a world record. like, i don't know, pushups. >> i do know this is part of an expedition called 13 deeds of russia where they have broken other records as well. this just being one of them. they were also testing some new dive gear as well. it's all russian-made stuff. country fried right there. these brothers and sisters are ready to rock out, but there are rules. >> she listened. >> for a little bit. >> why little sis is about to steal the show. >> no. plus, this welder has hi torch nice and hot. but now -- >> uh-oh. i hope he doesn't point it at himself. >> see the answer to the burning question, next. >> no! it's olive garden's new take on lighter italian fare. three new mediterranean inspired dishes. savory shrimp scampi sautéed in a mouthwatering garlic sauce. and flavorful new! chicken piccata.
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targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. this guy works for the orange county sheriff's office and as you can see, he's already on the job. >> which one is chase? the car or the helicopter? >> actually, chase is the helicopter. it's the chase helicopter and you can hear radio traffic between deputies, 911 operators and the chase helicopter because they are on the tail of a stolen car. >> chase is? surveillance mode. >> they are headed to a suburban area, but eventually this guy just comes to a stop right here. >> the car stopped, he's out. >> uh-oh, is he running? he is running trying to evade capture but they see him. >> he doesn't know where to go.
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>> he just lost it there. you know what? i did it. no problem. >> he's hidden down you shouund. >> just come out. >> he's back on footworking west. >> how long does it take? >> it was only five minutes he was under. >> he just got into a car. it might be an attempted -- nevermind. he's trying to get in a car and the car took off. >> you see the canine appear in the camera. that canine is really eager to meet this guy. >> okay, ken, you're on. >> you can see the police dog lunging and barking at him. that's when he's like, okay, i give, i give. and you see the police get him into custody. job well done by the sheriff's deputies there. they got their man. there's no doubt in my mind
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that these will be the cutest two videos you will see all day long. we start with the most adorable duet. >> hi, it's me, payton. >> and they are about to perform one of their favorite songs, "holy spirit." >> we are going to perform "holy spirit." you're going to play the guitar, i'm going to sing. you no sing. >> this is how you wind up with a lead singer battle. a lead singer battle at 30 years old. >> she actually listeneded for a little bit. >> i know. >> she's in the background stealing the show. she is darn adorable playing her version of the song. >> and she's like, i don't care
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what you're singing but i'm going to play my jam. >> unfortunately, this is how it's going to be the rest of her life. she's going to tell her what to do and she's not going to do it. >> kids will always seize an opportunity to make you laugh. even when they're not trying. like this little guy. >> lookout, bad guy! >> he was at a birthday party where they were breaking styrofoam. little drew got into it. hi name is doug thompson. >> doug is going to show us his trendiest tool. the basic tool for any welder out there and doug describes the hot flame. >> the temperature ranging from 5900 degrees to 6300 degrees
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fahrenheit. >> in fact, it's the hottest gas flame available. starts the torching, gets it fiery hot. >> uh-oh. i hope he doesn't point it at himself. >> first person to do this, brad byer -- >> no! what is wrong with him? >> why? >> he extinguishes that tore ch on his tongue. this is not a prank. this is not video trickery. this is authentic fire-eating. he does go on to say this is extremely dangerous. the gas can reignite or explode in his mouth. the flame could severely burn my mouth or lungs or he could inject a lethal air bubble into
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his tongue. he said the flame is pressurized and is able to burn under water. it is not a trick shot. doug is no stranger to this kind of performance. he's a professional fire performer. he helped start the circus of hell where he performed all kinds of different fire-breathing stunts. he knows what he's doing. he's done it a long time. and that's why he's able to do this. >> the world record. any takers? prankster tom made has the latest break through in phone technology. >> the iphone 12 -- >> what you will people buy it? >> just a phone. >> i like it. >> next "right this minute." and still to come -- >> ah! >> this cockatoo is having a temper tantrum. find out what all the fuss is about? >> are you in a bad mood? plus, a space jumper heads to the top of an abandon factory. >> that is roughly 88 fe. 88 fe. >> i he it has a basement.
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promotional considerations provided by -- you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ some birds are majestic inspiring awe when they come in and scoop in and take their meal. like think eagle in newfound lake. there's a fish right on the ice and that eagle is going to scoop it up like a buffet. but here you can see it in slow motion the wingspan, the talons coming forward to scoop it up.
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>> they knew the eagle was coming in to scoop it up and got their shot. >> i have seen plenty of videos. some fishermen know there's an eagle lurking around because they are opportunistic. >> you see a flash go off on the end there. somebody got a few pictures of it, too. that's awesome. >> it is awesome. then there's this bird, how many times have you thought it could be cool if my dog or cat could talk. this bird solved that mystery and said, no, it's a good thing they don't. >> what's the problem? >> ooh! >> ah! >> this cockatoo can talk. with the subtitles, this cockatoo is having a temper tantrum. >> you want your ball? >> finally, she was like, do you want to play with your ball? and that seems to do the trick. >> before you get one of these birds, you sit there and think, how cool it would be to have a
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parrot or cockatoo talk back to you. be careful what you wish for. >> my door would be open. this guy is climbing up to his exit point. he's about to space jump. as you can see, he's got all his gear, shin protectors, his helmet, he's wearing a parachute. >> i've never seen shin guards so i wonder what he's up to. >> i'll tell you. this is an abandoned factory. >> he just jumped onto the ratty old roof. >> you can assume it is not very tall. in fact, most space jumpers choose exit points thousands of feet up in the air, several hundred at least. this guy is jumping from this building that is roughly 88 feet. >> i hope it's got a very deep basement. >> no. >> is he jumping into the building? >> he's jumping into the
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building from this broken window up above. you can see that he's got helpers. he's got helpers, you guys. he's got helpers. >> but if he gets caught on something rusty, he's not going to get help. >> here we go. ♪ it was a successful jump. i thought he would end up with a broken ankle. you can see it in this shot, he jumps and his buddy behind him let's go of the canopy, which is already open. you don't want to waste any time to deploy it. >> there's no room for error there. >> i know. but they did it. she's ready to strike the perfect pose. >> wind blowing through her hair, waves crashing behind her. >> see why this shot is about to get soaked.
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it will cost you $99. so there you go.
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beautiful beach in brazil, beautiful woman on a rock. >> she's wearing a pretty nice white dress. it's a perfect shot. >> oh, yeah. great profile picture. >> oh, yeah. so she thought her husband was taking a picture. no, he's rolling. >> wipeout! >> he said the waves took her by surprise. you don't say? >> i feel bad for her. this has happened to me. it hurts. it hurts. it hurt my foot, i'm not kidding, because those rocks aren't smooth, they are rough. so when the waves push you, it scrapes your skip. you end up with road rash, rock rash. >> christian, you can relate to that woman. let's take a look at this chick. incoming!
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so apparently this video is a little older but i think we can see why it is making its rounds again. >> that poor girl has lost a ski, no wonder she couldn't stop. right? >> she goes head-long into that. >> for the record, i can relate to her, too. >> that was like a strike at the bowling alley. that's it, that's all. we'll see you on the next "right this minute."
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a car is kept from crashing to the ground by a thin ledge. >> and now -- >> the shocker when rescuers finally open that door. what are you doing, bro? >> a girlfriend getting rid of her man's shoes asks for a little help. see his frantic move to save his beloved jordans. a rally race team is guided by the co-driver. >> but he never saw this coming. >> why this is no ordinary bump in the road. >> oh! plus, the laziest dogfight ever. and some construction


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